XM18S Professional digital temperature and humidity controller for incubator

  • Output: Digital Sensor
  • Use: Temperature Sensor
  • Temperature measurement, LCD display.
  • It has the function of refrigeration, heating control.
  • Temperature setting upper and lower limits.
  • Simple operation, suitable for seafood machines.
  • Easy to install and use, very convenient.
  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0-39 degrees Celsius.
  • Temperature Measurement Accuracy: 0.1degrees Celsius
  • Humidity Measurement Range: 0-99% RH
  • Humidity Accuracy: 3% RH
  • 6. Output power: 1000W for main heating, 800W for sub heating, 800W for humidification, and 500W for other outputs.


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XM-18S Egg Incubator Digital Automatic thermostat controller Mini egg incubator control system Hatchery Machine

The new intelligent temperature and humidity controller is a fully intelligent microcomputer control system designed and developed for the incubation industry. It adopts the latest microelectronic technology and new components. The application of microcomputer chip has strong anti-interference and high stability. The temperature sensor adopts high precision. Sensor with high temperature acquisition accuracy and wide temperature range, high performance humidity sensor, high precision, effective stability and reliability, user-friendly four-screen display design, including two screens to display incubator and other two displays through buttons The temperature and humidity of the screen for the egg flip time and hatching date, and the preset temperature and humidity are displayed by pressing the button. User-defined five hatching patterns for chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons
Digital display of temperature, humidity and rotational frequency
The application of the microcomputer chip has strong anti-interference and high stability; the temperature sensor adopts high-precision sensor, has high-temperature acquisition precision and wide temperature range; and adopts high-performance humidity sensor with high precision, which effectively ensures stability and reliability. It has four user-friendly display screen designs, including two screens showing the temperature and humidity of the incubator. The other two screens show the egg rotation time and hatching date. Press the button and press the button to display the preset temperature and humidity. User-defined six hatching modes for chicken, duck, goose, pigeon and chimpanzee
Model: XM-18S
Size: approx. 18.5 X 8.5 X 8cm / 7.28 X 3.35 X 3.15in
Applicable models: 24-5,280 incubator
Temperature measurement range: 0-99.9 degrees
Temperature measurement accuracy: plus or minus 0.1 degrees
Humidity measurement range: 0-45 degrees RH
Humidity accuracy: plus or minus 3% RH
Number of eggs turned: the maximum record is 999 times
Egg turning cycle: adjust 0 – 999 minutes (factory default is 90 minutes)
Egg turn time: 0~999 seconds (default 180 seconds)
Ventilation cycle: 0~999 minutes (default 120 minutes)
Ventilation cycle: 0~999 seconds (default 15 seconds)
Temperature measurement line length: about 1.5 meters
Number of signal outputs: 7 (over temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg left turn, egg right turn, humidity control, alarm)
working environment
1. Working voltage: AC 180V-240V, 50HZ
2. Relative humidity: less than 85 degrees
3. Ambient temperature: 0 degrees – 60 degrees
Packing list
1 incubator controller
1 temperature sensor
1 humidity sensor
1. The actual color may be slightly different from the picture color due to different monitors and lighting effects
2. Due to manual measurement, please allow an error of 1-3mm. Please make sure you don’t mind before bidding

1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity
2.Full automatically temperature controlling
3.Full automatically humidity controlling
4.Full automatically eggs turning
5.Full automatically alarming
6.Full automatically ventilator
7.Back emergency system
Main Technical Index:
1. Temperature display range: 0 ~ 99.9℃
2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1℃
3. Humidity display range: 0-99% RH
4. Humidity control accuracy: ± 3% RH
5. Output path: 7 Road (over-temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg-left turning, egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm)
6. The maximum output load current: temperature control, insufficient temperature <= 8A/AC 220V, over-temperature, egg-left turning, egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm<= 1A /AC 220V
7. Number of egg-turning: Maximum record 999 times.
8. Cycle of egg-turning: from 0 to 999 minutes (factory set at 90 minutes)
9. Turn the eggs time: 0 to 999 seconds (factory set at 180 seconds)
10. Ventilation cycle: 0-999 minutes (factory set at 120 minutes)
11. Ventilation time: 0-999 seconds (Factory set at 30 seconds)
12. The measuring line length: 1.5 meters
Working conditions:
1. Power Supply: AC 160V ~ 240V, 50Hz or AC 110V (choose the one you need)
2. Relative humidity: less than 85%
3. Ambient temperature: -10 ~ 60℃
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