High Quality QC Passed Room Indoor Digital Temperature Humidity Meter HTC-1


  • Displays temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
  • system optional
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit units selectable
  • Integral hour alarm function
  • Alarm function
  • Clock and calendar functions (month, day)
  • Memory of maximum and minimum measured values
  • 12 hours/24 hours display
  • Desktop or wall mounted


Product specification:
Temperature measurement range: – 50 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: about ± 1.0 ℃ (1.8 of)
Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ (0.2 of)
Humidity measurement range: 10% RH ~ 90% RH.
Humidity measurement accuracy: ± 5% (30% – 70%) ± 7% (others)
This needs to be explained, that is to say, when the room is quite dry and there is almost no humidity, its error is small
It will get bigger. Unlike the temperature, the humidity can be accurate to about 1 degree, even in the laboratory, this baby
For household humidity measurement is enough, it must be much more accurate than the one on the humidifier
There are special high requirements! Please tell me, there is a more accurate hygrometer, the price is about 200 yuan! This is just home
With, it will tell us whether we need humidification or dehumidification. As the patron saint of your healthy room, it is
Quite competent!
Basic functions:
Temperature / humidity display
℃ / of temperature switch display
Maximum / minimum temperature humidity memory function
12 / 24 hour clock
Hourly chime function
Daily alarm function
Calendar display function
Operation method:
1. Push open the battery door according to the direction indicated by the back of the machine, take out the battery spacer, and then install the battery door back.
2. Key function: (mode) switch the display mode of clock and alarm clock / set the current time, alarm clock, 12 or 24
Hour system and date (adj) adjust the value of the set item; (memory) display the highest value in memory/
The lowest temperature humidity value / the highest / lowest temperature humidity value of erasing memory; (℃ / of) the switching temperature unit is ℃
(centigrade) or of (Fahrenheit) display; (reset) clear all set / memory values and return to the initial value
3. In the initial state, press and hold (mode) for 1 second, the number of minutes of the current time starts to flash, press (adj) to change
To adjust the number of minutes, press (mode) continuously to set “clock”, “12 / 24” and “month” respectively
(M) “,” day (d) “
4. In the current clock mode, (two points between clock and minute flash once per second) the switch is displayed as alarm
Clock mode (two points between clock and minute do not flash), press (adj) to switch “alarm clock”
Turn on and off the (alarm) function / the “time report on the hour” () function, and then press and hold (mode) for 2 seconds
Set the alarm time, and start the function of “on hour” at the same time, () symbol appears.
5. In the alarm mode, if there is no operation, it will automatically return to the current clock after one minute. At this time, press once
(adj) switch to calendar display, return to current clock automatically after 3 seconds, press max / min button to display temperature / humidity
The maximum value since the last clear.
6. Press (memory) to display the maximum and minimum values of temperature / humidity (max) and press and hold
(memory) the maximum / minimum value that can be erased in more than 2 seconds.
matters needing attention:
1. When using / replacing the battery for the first time, please press reset (on the back of the machine);
2. If there is any problem with the machine, please press (reset)
3. Please put the battery back when it is used up.
Now the button has been changed to the lower right corner

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